Welcome to the OpenWebMail Help Tutorials!   OpenWebMail is a free, open source project that allows people to check their e-mail -- from anywhere in the world! You can use OpenWebMail to simply check your e-mail while you are on the road or as a complete replacement to your offline e-mail client! OpenWebMail can also help you manage your daily activities with its easy-to-use calendar tools. In this tutorial, you'll find examples, diagrams and definitions, all to help you get the most out of OpenWebMail.
 Help Topics

The Basics
Basic Settings Configuration
Using Your Inbox
Reading a Message

Using the Toolbars
The Main Toolbar
The Message Toolbar
The Calendar Toolbar
The Search Toolbar
The Settings Toolbar

Managing Messages
Moving & Copying Messages
Composing Messages
Adding Attachments
Using the Spell Checker
Saving a Message
Managing Your Folders
Setting up a Filter
Downloading & Backing up
Advanced Search

Using the Address Book
Adding an Address Book Entry
Editing an Address Book Entry
Using Address Book Entries
Handling several Address Books
Importing & Exporting Address Books

Using the Calendar
Viewing the Calendar
Adding a Calendar Entry

Your Online Storage
What is Webdisk?
Directories & Files
Managing Your Webdisk

Configuring Your Settings
Personal Settings
Display Preferences
Message Listing
Message Operation
Message Reading Options
Message Composing/Sending Options
Spam Check
Message Filtering Options
Address Book Options
Calendar Options
Webdisk Options
Miscellaneous Options

Notes, Issues and Troubleshooting
Common Issues
Abilities and Advantages of OpenWebMail
Additional Help
About OpenWebMail Help

About OpenWebMail Help